TASK G – Development of web-based platform (WBP) for risk assessment and mitigation planning

A web-based and open-source platform (WBP), capable of rapidly performing earthquake loss estimations, while interacting with other applications and sources of information, such as the Seismographic Network of Algeria, is proposed in this task. The main objective of this tool consists in combining the analytical work and components developed within each of the former tasks (namely, hazard, exposure and vulnerability) for seismic risk assessment of Algeria, in such a way that an automatic and reliable estimation and spatial distribution of economic, human and social losses is performed, as well as the efficient communication of the results to interested parties. The software will be platform independent and comprises both hazard and risk calculations. The results obtained by the WBP are processed in a user-friendly manner and are stored in a server dedicated exclusively for the project. The most up-todate web programming frameworks and technologies will be used.