TASK C – In-built data collection and Exposure model

Task C will look for collection of exposure data that will enable the development of comprehensive and reliable inventories of the exposed assets in Algeria. Whereas typical exposure models for risk assessment rely on proxies, such as census data for distribution of population and buildings, ITERATE will provide a step forward by engaging different Algerian stakeholders in the collection of real, accurate data of buildings and bridges. A real exposure model will enable trustful loss estimates and represents a two-fold objective: accurately characterize the Algerian in-built in a systematic fashion while involving different individuals and entities in a collaborative risk awareness effort. To assure efficiency, the data collection tasks will start by covering a well-identified seismic prone region in Algeria (the region of Chlef). The framework calibrated in this task may then be extended in the future to other areas, perils or assets, towards a comprehensive risk model.