TASK B – Improvement of existing Algerian Hazard model

This is the first technical task of ITERATE and corresponds to the starting point of any natural hazard related risk model. A good hazard model satisfies primarily the needs of the national scientific community and practitioners, for improved design. When put together with exposure and vulnerability, addressed in specific tasks, it also provides input for emergency planners and decision makers, for mitigation of risk to multiple stakeholders and general population. Therefore, a thorough review of the existing seismic hazard model the Algerian territory will be carried out, focusing on particularly earthquake prone areas. In order to do so, this Task will foresee the following objectives:

(1) collection of data and results from past projects ;

(2) compilation of a new extended regional strong-motion database;

(3) development of an improved methodology to generate a time-independent seismic hazard model for risk assessment;

(4) establishment of principles for eventual revision of seismic zonation in Algeria .