Task A

DA4-5 – Meeting Minutes

Task B

DB1 – Library of Algerian hazard model characteristics

DB2 – Updated source zone model

DB3 – Inventory of suitable GMPEs for the Algerian territory

DB4 – Extended earthquake catalogue and extended strong-motion database for Algeria

DB5 – Improved Seismic Hazard Map

DB6 – Report on critical review of existing seismic code

Task C

DC1 – Report on Available Building Data and Algerian Building Taxonomy

DC2 – Forms for data collection of taxonomy buildings

DC3 – Smartphone application for crowdsourcing data collection

DC4 – Manual for the use of the smartphone/tablet App and data upload

DC5 – Bridge Inventory and Taxonomy

DC6 – Summary report on exposure in-situ collected data

Task D

DD1 – Training material and brochures on exposure data

DD2 – Smartphone App Training Material

DD3 – Report on the surveys taken after the training course

DD4 – Training material and brochures for development of risk models

DD5 – Presentations and case study illustration for the employment of the WBP

DD6 – Manual for the utilization of the WBP 

Task E

DE1 – Calibrated Numerical Models for Buildings of Typical Classes

DE2 – Improved Fragility Functions for Typical Classes of Buildings

DE3 – Guidelines for non-structural elements survey and inventory

DE4 – Portfolio of numerical models and fragility functions for bridge classes

Task F

DF1 – Report on identification of Algerian social vulnerability indicators

DF2 – Definition of best approaches and framework for social vulnerability assessment

DF3 – Social Vulnerability questionnaire in paper form

DF4 – Social Vulnerability model results and map

Task G

DG1 – Report on the database structure and API documentation

DG2 – Real-time estimation module

DG3 – Scenario-based loss estimation module

DG4 – Probabilistic-based module

DG5 – Testing and validation

DG6 – User manual for the WBP

Task H

DH1 – Dissemination and results exploitation plan

DH3 – Newsletter 01 – March 2017

DH3 – Newsletter 02 – June 2017

DH3 – Newsletter 03 – September 2017

DH3 – Newsletter 04 – December 2017

DH3 – Newsletter 05 – March 2018

DH3 – Newsletter 06 – June 2018

DH3 – Newsletter 07 – September 2018

DH3 – Newsletter 08 – December 2018

DH4 – Risk Awareness Workshop Material

DH5 – Training material uploaded to project website

DH6 – Scientific papers/technical notes submitted to journals/conferences

DH7/DH9 WBP release workshop material / Final conference proceedings

DH8 – Exploitation Study

DH10 – Final Dissemination Report 

DH11 – Layman’s Report